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As the owners of you are guaranteed enhanced exposure. No other company can promise that.


In addition, we employ social influencers and we have relationships with hundreds of influencers that we can engage for specific projects. 


Our proven track record working closely with Restaurant Owners, GMs, Chefs, Food and Beverage companies has given us great insight into what works and what doesn't, what your pain points are and so much more to help you make marketing decisions that save you time and money.

Your baby is in the best of hands. 



We are foodies

It takes one to know one as they say. 

We are food writers, bloggers, photographers, influencers and just stupid crazy about food and food marketing. 

We know what foodies like, what they want and what they respond to because they're our people.


We know what we do works, but you won't have to take our word for it. You'll get monthly reports on what we're doing but more importantly,  you'll see and feel the results of our efforts and expertise happening every day. 

Ann, Customer

Looks amazing. These photos keep leading me right back in. 

Taste Awards_edited.jpg

Meg, Chef

"I love working with foxtrot media. They always bring such a passion for the project at hand and their commitment to showcasing the food industry on so many different levels is refreshing and inspiring.”

B2 Bistro + Bar

Point Pleasant Beach

Chad, GM

We are already seeing an upswing in business. Keep up the great work

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